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The Railway, Townley Street, Middleton, Manchester
M24 1BT Telephone: 0161 643 8034.

The Jam night is back at it's spiritual home. The Nook was where the jam night was launched in 1996. Seven years later it is still going strong. In fact this has been the most successful year so far seeing the night visited by people from places like Altrincham, Eccles, Whitefield and Rochdale.
We have seen some seasoned musicians and some new boys who have made their nervous but extremely successful live debuts. What a way to make a debut in front of about 50 pro and semi pro musicians. I have to take my hat off to these guys they have done brilliantly. I remember my first gig. It was at the Ranch bar in Manchester during the heady days of punk (1977) to be precise. It was emotional but very very scary indeed

Download this list of songs This is some of the material known to the house band >> Song lists: Word Format >> Rich Tex Format >> Notepad Document